What's Good Gump (2015)

What's Good Gump (2015)


What’s Good in the Gump (@WhatsGoodGump) is a twitter initiative created with the sole purpose of sharing daily the good news and positive stories happening in Montgomery. By strategically following business leaders, non profit organizations like Movers and Shakers of Montgomery, and other influential community leaders, What’s Good in the Gump is able to aggregate and spread positive local news daily, and reaches an ever-growing following of those that understand that good news is worth sharing, and that it's happening every day.

The Gumptioneers, have created and branded the twitter account, strategically created a list of accounts from which to pull positive news stories, and have gained more than 230 interactive and engaged followers in less than one month.

In its first month, What’s Good in the Gump has...

- accrued more than 300 followers

- reached more than 7,000 users with tweet impressions

- received 25 mentions including one by the Montgomery Biscuits which alone reached more than 1,544 twitter users.

- been mentioned in local headlines including the Montgomery Advertiser and Online Montgomery